Boreal App - Digital Menu

A faster and easier way to get your order at a restaurant.

digital product.
ux/ui design.


Boreal App - Digital Menu was built based on a service design project for a restaurant/coworking space where the main goal is to empower and inspire the customer.
All the research was focused on the millennials behavior, the collaborative economy, and their importance to current businesses structure.


Survey, User flow, Sketch ideas, Prototype.


37 people participated on this survey.

86% are millennials.

95% of the people prefer to have a look at a menu that is complete with all the information they need, rather than ask the waiters for details.
75% of the people with dietary restrictions say that, at some point, they had problems ordering their food because of the lack of information about the food and/or drink that’s being offered.


β€’ Full list of ingredients
β€’ Order’s waiting time
β€’ Customizable dishes/drinks
β€’ Total price preview
β€’ Images of all products


A digital menu where people can order by themselves, learn about all the ingredients on the dish or drink, easily customize anything, get an estimate on their order's waiting time, and keep track of all the current promotions.

User flow.



The splash screen and the first page were built to create an atmosphere that communicates the brand purpose.

Friendly, simple, and direct.

Main navigation.

Search a dish/drink or go through Categories.

Ready for people who already know what they want to order but also for those who still want to explore.


Product selection.

This is where you can learn everything about the dish/drink, including a full list of ingredients to help people with dietary restrictions make the right choice. It's also where it's possible to customize and select the size of your order.


Now it's time to review your order and get an estimate for it's waiting time. It's necessary to assign a name and a table number so the waiter can drop the order and get the payment.


I put this project together by myself and it's based on the research I made for my graduation project (with a little help from my friends, of course).
Thanks @biamilhomem and @gustavocosta for the support!


User test, Revise
I would love to find co-workers to help me improve this project. If you want to be part of it just let me know!